Career Summary,

  • 10+ Years of experience with Web Technologies, from no framework to flood of frameworks & tools!
  • Has built products which simplified and enhanced of organization’s operations via Web and Mobile Apps seamlessly integrating and enhancing existing tools and data
  • Focus on cohesive User Experience, while maintaining effective Developer Experience
  • Led the cross-functional agile team of 10+ People, enabling them to build products that adds value
  • Curious and growth mindset to challenge the status quo, experiment and deliver incremental value
  • Interested in Product Design, which has given me the ability to explore, ideate, validate and then build solutions

My Career so far,

Tech Lead (Web and Customer Experience) at Hyke

From Jul 2022

  • Led a cross-functional, agile, product-oriented tech team of 10+ people in charge of improving the experience of our Suppliers
  • Responsible for discovering, planning, and delivering products and features in a fast, flexible and incremental manner, while measuring their impact on business and correcting the course
  • Launched a brand new App for our Suppliers, reducing the time to update their inventory from 2-3 hours to instant, and better visibility by removing dependency on the Ops teams.
  • Part of the team responsible for discovering initiatives to manage products sold on the Platform. Have designed and led a solution that reduced the time it took to list new products from a few days to a few hours.

Lead Front-end Developer at Hyke

From Oct 2019 to Jul 2022

  • My team was responsible for the missing critical Web Apps being used by Ops Teams - both in the office and on the field
  • Created a Design & Style System and Component Library for our Web Apps based on Styled System for Design Tokens, Sass and Emotion for Styling, and Chakra UI to base our components on
  • We have also built the GraphQL API for our platform, handling more than 200 requests/minute during peak hours
  • Ideated and built a product by repurposing the GraphQL API and existing components, that increased the support team’s efficiency by 50% in 3 months!

Senior Software Engineer at SellAnyCar.com

From Sep 2018 to Sep 2019

  • Hired to work on Node.js. Then also led the Front-end Team responsible for our Web and Mobile Apps
  • Part of the team responsible to move the core platform to Cloud-Native Microservice Architecture
  • Headed the modernization of Front-end Architecture to use Redux with Container & Presentational Components
  • Have created one of the first Serverless Web API which runs on AWS Lambda with Node.js
  • Expanded my competencies on Docker, Test-Driven Development, CI/CD, and AWS during my tenure here

On-site Team Lead at GE Digital (from TATA Consultancy Services)

From Feb 2016 to Jan 2018

  • Led end-to-end implementation with the Offshore Team acting as a bridge to the Customers
  • Part of one of the first teams to create products on Predix, GE’s own Cloud
  • Created an optimization tool to improve Field Engineers’ utilization algorithmically by reducing bench time, improving travel compliance
  • Created a Cloud-based Sourcing product, geared towards external customers, to make sourcing fast and more collaborative
  • Implemented a system of Web, Mobile and ETL applications increasing in-transit visibility of parts by repairs team, with actionable highlights improving team’s engagement

Technical Lead at TATA Consultancy Services

From Jan 2013 to Apr 2018

  • Hired as a Senior Front-end Developer, and quickly started leading the Front-end Team
  • Worked as a consultant for General Electric, to realize and implement Digital Solutions for their Enterprise Processes
  • By grooming the team with trending technologies and proven practices, we were able to be a small but a benchmark team showcasing speed and cutting edge of Front-end Development
  • During initial years, have created a custom framework and a seed project with Backbone, React and Grunt which can be used with Bootstrap or jQuery Mobile
  • Introduced a configurable and re-usable Theme Engine using SASS/LESS
  • Expanded my competencies to other areas like Hybrid Mobile Apps, Integrations, RESTful Web APIs and Cloud during my tenure here

Senior Software Engineer at Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd.

From Aug 2010 to Jan 2013

  • Worked in their Product Development Group which was responsible for their e-learning content authoring product – Dictera, which was offered on the Flash Platform
  • With the rise of Mobile and Tablets, was part of the team who were responsible to transform a part of the product to HTML 5 Technologies, while making it compatible across devices
  • Leveraging experience from Flash Platform, created a modular architecture using Backbone.js and, jQuery UI, with encapsulated activities which can be loaded at runtime

Flash Platform Developer at Avinashi Systems Pvt. Ltd.

From Aug 2008 to Aug 2010

  • Having tasted the power of Flash/Flex during my college, and finding a company sharing a similar passion for the Flash Platform, started my career in technology with them
  • Have worked on projects involving hardware integration, multi-client applications and, creating custom user-interactions
  • Have learned the importance of Frameworks there and helped them to choose one which is flexible across different Flash Technologies – Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex and, Adobe AIR

My Highest Education,

Bachelor of Engineering in Computers

From 2003 to 2008

From Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. Have got the 1st rank in my college in Computer Engineering Department during the final year.